Hello, my name is: Amy

Pick One Thing

I discovered a wonderful thing today: F11 (Full Screen Mode). Push it in your favorite browser of choice and watch as the visual clutter disappears before your very eyes. In this wonderful new land you are left with only your intent. No distractions of other tabs calling your name, no scanning the task bar for alerts, no quick googling; nothing but the peace and quiet of focusing on one task.

The curtain has been pulling back on how inefficient multi-tasking is, but it really goes even further than just day to day activities. There is enormous pressure to know all the things! And I often find myself overwhelmed, swirling in a circle of internet articles, tweets, books, and training videos on the hunt to at least know of all the things.

Of course, the problem with this feeling is that it’s really easy to do none of the things. Why do Project A if I’m not going to be able to achieve x, y, and z? I’ll just hold off on the project while I learn all the things, and then I’ll really be able to do it best. (You see where this is going...right?)

So, I’m going to start pushing F11 on my life, in particular how I approach learning and implementing.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy wavering between how to set up a website of my own creation to muse about my web thoughts. I decided I couldn’t post an article because I didn’t have my own CMS, and my site isn’t responsive, and I don’t know how to use responsive images properly, and it might not be accessible, and OMG would it be slow.

But the thing is, yesterday, this idea was none of those things because it didn’t exist. So, which is worse?

Everyone in web development has been through, or is in, the same steps I am taking. So I’m opening up this experiment to the world to show off all that I do not know as I start to focus on one task, and then then next. And you know what, I’m OK with that.

So, while this site isn't using a build system, images, links, or have an easy way to input content—if there’s one thing you can say about this site, it’s that it has beautiful markup.