Hello, my name is: Amy

MCD Partners - 6 month check in, and upcoming goals

I've been working at MCD Partners for the past 6 months. It's been a great experience, and it's super fun to LOVE going to work.

  • using assemble to break out sections of web pgs (switched this blog from Jekyll to Assemble)
  • all the HIGH CHARTS!, making charts switch data, fancy chart business.
  • Wordpress ads, wordpress themes
  • Set up custom AMP Pages
  • carousel component, starting to create modular scripts
  • Ads, shared styles, etc.
  • SVG things, read Chris Coyiers SVG book and implemented some tactics from this in my work.
  • Improved php a bit. Read a bunch more of PHP and MySQL Web Development, love that book!
  • Played w/connecting to API and credit card processing
  • Beginnings of an Alexa App, playing with Node and AWS

Things I want to develop a better sense of and work towards in this upcoming year: