Hello, my name is: Amy

Amy the Developer

For the past six months, I have been working at All Things Media in my first official role as a web developer. To be honest, I am still shocked I got the job. When I applied, I didn't have a lot of javascript code samples to show so I actually just submitted notes I had been taking from a few courses I had watched. Nonetheless, they saw potential (and possibly lacked better options) so I was hired. I couldn't have been more excited.

My first week I was beaming with excitement every day, though I thought I had nothing to contribute. As you can see from the work page at All Things Media, it's filled with extremely talented people so when asked what I was working on I would sheepishly just avoid answering the question.

I spent my first month tasked with first learning basic things about development (Hello, localhost), and then AngularJS and SASS. Every minute of my days there I'd run through some basic javascript problems, read through code of old ATM projects, and then when I was home I would watch video after video on Lynda.com and Pluralsight.

My manager, Mike, saw the opportunity to let me loose in a project that wouldn't cause an epic meltdown if it went awry: some minor updates to The All Things Media website. I set to work dusting off what little php knowledge I had and started to navigation the Smarty templating system. After some coaching, I was able to figure out a ballpark idea of how the site was set up and add my own page without the whole site melting down.

Then, about two months in, I was tasked with re-creating a flash quiz app in HTML5 and coordinating the development of the CMS for it. When finished with that, I was put in charge of managing this beast of a program containing 10 educational activities with intricate matching activities/video/audio/accessibility/mobile craziness.

This past six months certainly have not been easy, but I've surprised myself at how far my skills have progressed. There have been so many moments where I'd call my brother and tell him I'd never understand whatever problem it was I was fighting with. (The next day I'd call him back to explain how I figured it out.)

I have learned to be patient with my problems, and know that a solution will come with time. Conversely, I have also discovered that it is difficult for me to be to think clearly when under pressure.

Despite all this, I'm still just having the best time navigating my way through. I'm continuing to challenge myself and figure out just where my path will take me.