Hello, my name is: Amy

One Day I'll Have a Photo Slider

I'm playing around with a photoslider now for mattjenkinscomic.com. Starting off, I wanted to build this myself as to not add in unnecessary complexity and get a feel how it would function. As I sat down to code this myself howerver, it turned out that it was hard to get my brain to think on its own to solve the problem as there are probably 50 or so examples floating around I was trying to copy ideas from.

Once I got smart enough to close all my tabs and just take a stab at it myself I started to feel like I was making progress. I set out with a few items that I wanted to accomplish.

  1. If someone doesn't have JavaScript, just open the picture in a new window, as normal.
  2. Have multiple albums that the user can flip through automatically.
  3. Will work responsively, including serving the most appropriate images.
  4. Make this as accessible as possible (which means fighting with the popup keyboard functionality)
  5. Try not to repeat myself in my code.
  6. When all is said and done, I'd like this to be organized in an object that can be re-used

I'll declare this an official victory when I hit all the markers above. For now, I'm declaring a mini vicorty that I got the navigation working.

On that note, it always seems like you will never be truly finished with something. There will always be some way to improve it. It's accepting this fact that moves the project forward.