Hello, my name is: Amy

No Shopping for Me

This January I am embarking on a ban on shopping, (ish). I am allowing the basics (rent/power/internet, food, gas/public transit, cell phone, insurance, laundry), I will continue the services that I am already subscribed to (netflix, trailmix, massage), and will keep business expenses (creative cloud, box.com, and digital ocean). If I desire something outside of these categories, I will need to have it approved by the overseer, Matt.

Why am I doing this, you might ask?

  • You don't need money if you don't spend money. It would be fun to craft my own career without worrying so much about dollar bills.

  • I really want to live in a tiny house. Or better yet, maybe even out of a suitcase.

  • I want every one of my possessions to be something that I love and that I'd be willing to spend double or triple on.

  • I want to reduce the amount of things I throw away. (Which means I can't just get rid of things to buy new ones.)

My hope is that during this month I become mindful of how I come upon possessions in order to more carefully craft and consider the items that I will love. Truth be told, I don't particularly consider myself to be a big spender.

But...here it is the 5th of January and already I've surprised myself at how often I think about buying something. Not that those things would be something I would rush out and buy, just that that they were cataloged in my mental directory of things I should buy at some point.

Here I am, thinking about buying things:

  • It was decided at work that if I can find some pickle scented lotion for a coworker who hates pickles he would wear it. Needless to say, Google and I found some and I almost pulled the $2 trigger before realizing that this would in fact count as buying something.

  • We have a timer that controls a light that works OK but has to be reset a few times a year as the sun changes. Recently I bought one for a different light that works on solar cues (way better). I logged on to Amazon, ready to buy another solar timer to spare me the misery? of resetting the old one.

  • I've had my eye on a shiny compost bin for a year or so now where there is absolutely zero reason why I need it. The thought crossed my mind that I would buy it just because I've wanted it for so long. As if that reason changes that I still do not need it.

My plan is to continue to document this process as I go throughout the month.