Hello, my name is: Amy

ScriptEd Spring Hackathon 2017

I volunteered yesterday at the Spring Hackathon for ScriptEd. ScriptEd is a fabulous organization that brings a tuition-free coding program directly to under-resourced schools. The entire day was such a fantastic experience. The theme of the day was, 'The Future of...'.

There were two hackathons happening in NYC, and one in San Francisco. I helped out in the Spire room, with the kids from the advanced class. Our team, the Readster's, created a site that was a social experience for reading, to get people more engaged. They took home second place! I couldn't have been more proud. They worked so incredibly hard the entire day, with everyone doing their share to pitch in.

I was so proud of J. for taking the initiative to set up bootstrap on the site, and fix the navbar so it worked properly on mobile. She did an EXCELLENT job on her part in the speech.

I was so proud of M. for taking the initiative to lead the project. She eagerly wrangled tough problems and was very quick to pick up on concepts and would be able to explain them back with ease.

I was so proud of F. for putting together the questionnaire page and making it a great user experience. He brought a great energy to the team and did a great job of working with everyone and communicating what was going on.

I was so proud of A. for breezing through the entire backend. He blew us all away by setting up firebase and google authentication in about 45 minutes. He worked very well under stress and approached problems very methodically.

The ScriptEd team did an excellent job at setting up the event and making sure all the volunteers were prepared and knew what to expect. They did a great job at keeping everyone engaged, including a 'power hour' where they turned off the lights and gave everyone glow bracelets.

If anyone is on the fence about helping out at an event like this, I highly encourage it!

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