Hello, my name is: Amy

More About Shopping

I must say I've been doing well with my ban on shopping. So far, the only item I have had to purchase was a new flurorescent bulb for the light above our sink. (No one likes to do dishes in the dark.) I even sold something on ebay for a whopping $1.40 profit. On the flipside though, I fell on the way to work and ripped a hole in the $100 jeans I bought last month. Guess I'll be using that $1.40 to buy a patch!

I am quite surprised at how much I'm enjoying just being conscious my thought patterns around buying 'stuff'. Since my first thought is no longer "I need [another/better/faster]", I have a newfound value for the things that I do own. Seeing as how hard it is to get stuff out of the house, it really helps if you don't bring it in to begin with.

What I'm thinking my plan will be for moving forward with my shopping ban is to have a day every month where I can buy things I noticed I needed in the month before. That way, at least, I'll be making more mindful purchases.