Hello, my name is: Amy

State County Travel Book

The Background

This is a project I'm working on to create a travel journal where one can log which counties they visit in a particular state. The idea originated from my sister, Cady, as a request for a wedding gift for her husband. She found some county maps from the census data, and I created a basic layout that would allow them to mark which counties they visit as they travel throughout the states.

As I was making that first copy, it seemed the idea resonated with a few people. Six months later Cady comes back saying that someone else wants one. I no longer have the connection to the original printer, so I realized I'd have to be a grown up and have it printed professionally. Since I would be going through this new effort and expenditure, I decided to also really polish off the design and improve the journal based on Cady and Annes feedback from using it for the past 6 months or so.

The Schedule

My goal with this project is to be able to give this book as Holiday presents next year. I've started working on this idea in November, so that will give me a full year to see if I can make it happen. Here's my initial plan for the schedule in order to make that happen. As of this moment, I have about 13 state pages completed (roughly 1/4).

As you can see, right now I have a few months to spare on the backend, which I like. Hopefully I will be able to stick to this, but then again, life happens.

  • Feb 1 : 25 States Complete
  • March 1 : 37 States Complete
  • April 1 : 50 states Complete
  • April 1 - May 1 :
    • Internal Editing Process
    • Add auxiliary pages (Introduction, license plates, etc.)
  • May 1 :
    • First proof at at Create Space.
  • May 1 - June 1 :
    • Internal Revisions based on book proof
    • Find someone who will be willing to edit/fact check/peer review this
  • June 15: Send out Reviewer Emails of process and expectations
  • July 1 :
    • Second Proof at Create Space (Copies for reviewers.)
    • Send book to reviewers
  • August 1 : Check in with reviewers
  • August 15 : Receive all revisions back.
  • August 1 - August 15 : Implement Revisions
  • September 1 :
    • Final to Create Space!