Hello, my name is: Amy

Shopping Ban Finale

So, I finished out last month with a bang. And by bang, I mean I bought something. Yeah, prob not what you were expecting.

My overall take away from this experience wasn't that I saved a bunch of money. It was more that I created an impressive awareness at how often I think about purchasing things.

Oh, well, that and I deleted the Amazon app from my phone, may it rest in peace.

The shopping ban was fun. I enjoyed the experience and I will be moving forward with aiming to only purchase things that have been planned out the month before. It's fun to have a record of things that come into my life each month.

What came in my life in January:

  1. Fancy new bulb for the kitchen
  2. 7 comic books (holding head in shame... but also, really excited) - I love the guys at our comic book shop, and I like to support their business. And.. well, comics.
  3. A birthday gift for my mentee, but I let her pick out part of it to be sure she'll truly love it. Not really into my life per say, but since I had a direct impact on this being in someone elses it bears mentioning.

In February I intend on purchasing:

  1. Bathroom paint
  2. Contact Solution
  3. Contacts
  4. Light for my Salt Lamp
  5. Lotion
  6. Mascara
  7. Shampoo

For what it's worth, I spent $2050 (ish) in January. I thought about outlining out all of my spending so you could know where the bills went. But really, it doesn't matter for the puspose of this experiment. (And even more importantly, no one cares.) Perhaps maybe one time before the year 2050 this number will be below the current year!