Hello, my name is: Amy

2017 Challenges

A few things I've been thinking about for the new year, 2017.


Matt and I are wanting to plan a trip out of country for 2017. Destination TBD.


These are just tallys that I'll track as we go throughout the year. I made a fancy tracker sheet to track my progress.


I did this fruit counting thing two years ago (and failed), but I decided it needed to come back into play. Eating fruit is not my thing, so this year, once again, I'm going to try and eat 400 fruits.


Life happened, and I wound up not doing yoga as much as I used to. I love yoga, so aim to do it >40 times this year.

Monthly Challenges

Last year my challenges petered out because I didn't have anything firmly decided. This year, I'm attempting to have them a little more firmly in place so I don't have to be grappling with an idea at the last minute.

What I'll do is to draw one out of a jar at the beginning of a month so they are still somewhat random.

  1. Minimalist Game (this one is already in motion for January)
  2. Meditation every morning for 10 minutes.
  3. No spending challenge (except for food/transportation/laundry/etc)
  4. Eat out only 10 times/month (includes breakfast/lunch/dinner)
  5. Wake up in the morning and work on something code like for 1 hour
  6. Back to Vegan for a month
  7. Drink >= 3 big Nalgenes/day 96oz of water (sans-bubbles)
  8. Sugarfree Month
  9. Do some form of little art drawing/painting every day.
  10. Stretch for 10 minutes 2x / day
  11. Juice for breakfast in the morning
  12. Journal daily